Buckskin | Lager (Mini Keg)

Buckskin | Lager (Mini Keg)

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Our core pilsner-style lager, brewed with Czech hops. Crisp, floral and refreshing.

4.5% ABV | 5L Mini Keg

Unfiltered, unpasteurised beer. Vegan friendly.
Allergens: Contains barley

This mini keg will have a Best Before date of at least 07/04/2021. If you are new to mini kegs, please read on.

These kegs are best enjoyed on the same day as tapping if you want to retain a fuller carbonation or within 3 days of tapping if you are happy with a lower carbonation level on day 2/3.  Closing the top vent when you are not pouring the beer will help retain more carbonation in the beer.